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Nevada is in the midst of a vote as Democrats battle for the 2020 nomination, which marks the third contest on our 2020 electoral calendar. If you are visiting Elko, Nevada, the ElKO Convention Center in the heart of the city is a stop not to be missed. Armed with information about local attractions, while enjoying displays that inform you about the history and geography of the area. Although some of the attractions are hidden or unusual, they are always a great place for visitors who want to see new things on Elkos.

For more information on some of the state's most underrated destinations, check out our list of the 10 coolest attractions in Nevada. There are not enough people visiting Elko, Nevada, a city that has been visited many times, but those who have been to Elko before and want to see some new attractions should check out these three things.

Before you head off, visit Soldier Meadows, where you can camp at the hot springs, stay overnight on a remote cattle ranch and camp on the ranch itself. Head down to Lamoille Canyon to enjoy the scenery, take photos, have a picnic or hike along the way.

Mules are best hunted in Northeast Elko County, but there are many other opportunities for moose hunting in the eastern Humboldt Mountains. Within 25 minutes of this location is Bebe State Park, home to some of the best moose, deer, elk, coyotes and other wildlife in northern Nevada. This is a great place to buy his hunting tools before you hunt or after you have bought them.

One of the most important attractions of the Elko region is the popular Lamoille Canyon, which is located within the Ruby Mountains. You can also spend a day hiking along the various trails that give you access to many of the best hiking trails in northern Nevada, and this can lead to new experiences that will certainly liven up your entire trip. If you have travel plans, you can break up the boring pedal-to-metal ride by driving I-80 in northern Nevada in winter and exploring the attractions of the rural communities you pass along the way.

Elko offers easy access to the wilderness, and when you're in town Elko, the Gold Country Inn and Casino is a great place to stay and play.

In the north, the Jarbidge Wilderness is one of the least visited wilderness areas in the state of Nevada. The surrounding hills are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, camping and other outdoor activities and are home to a variety of wildlife such as elk, bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, elk, grizzlies and many other wildlife.

In the center of Elko County lies a large valley in the Ruby Mountains, and various paths leading up reflect the colorful past of the West. Virginia City hosts some of the most interesting festivals in the country, including the largest music festival in Nevada, the Virginia Valley Music Festival and many other events.

The High Desert Inn in Elko, Nevada offers a variety of amenities to make you feel right at home during your stay. One of the biggest amenities is the outdoor pool and wellness centre, as well as a large outdoor terrace with pool table, pool deck and pool house.

The thriving tourism industry means that the convenient facilities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Elko on a regular basis. The charm is close by, with a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

There is the Cowboy Gear and Arts Museum, which is located in the original shop of G.S. Garcia. The museum does a great job of summarizing the history of cowboy gear from the early days of the West to the present day. It has a large collection of vintage car equipment as well as a variety of artifacts and artefacts. Elko has many sights and trails, some of which feature large interactive exhibits and tell the story of those who made the trek west.

Elko, NV, received a 66 out of 100 rating for quality of life and received the highest score of any city in Nevada in the 2015 Livable Cities Index from the US Bureau of Land Management.

You can visit many of the sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Elko County Courthouse, Las Vegas Convention Center and the Nevada State Capitol. With breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Nevada and more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails, ElKO is a great destination. The interesting little village of Lamoille in Nevada houses a number of historic buildings, such as the old town hall, a museum, an art museum and an old-fashioned church.

The BLM's Rock and Mineral Exhibition features materials found in the Nevada desert, including a skull of Agustasaurus. Art lovers can visit the nearby Nevada Museum of Art, which has an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, prints and other artworks from around the world.

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More About Elko